We are thrilled that you would like to publish your original compositions or arrangements on You’re read our “Publish sheet music via ScoreVivo” article and are ready to get started. Please refer to these resources as you prepare your work for publication.

ScoreVivo Specifications

When submitting your product for publication, please refer to our Specifications page for both a description and an example of what we are requesting of you. You might also consider reviewing how other products are published on our website.

Publishing Agreement

Review this brief and easy-to-understand list of expectations and obligations for both parties. We ask that you agree to these terms for each product you submit for publication. We’d settle for handshake, but our lawyers make us do it.

Sending us content

We’d like to start with introductions before we get down to business. Please tell us about yourself and your work via our Contact Us page. We’ll respond with our email address, which can accept attachments up to 25 megabytes in size. Sheet music should be in the PDF format, audio files in the MP3 format. Many of our clients use to share an online folder when email attachments are too large.