Publish sheet music via ScoreVivo

ScoreVivo is not a traditional sheet music publisher. We have some core values and business objectives that we believe better reward the composers and arrangers who create the sheet music we sell.

Better for Composers and Arrangers

We believe composers should earn more compensation than publishers. Our composers earn 40 percent of the list price for every piece that they sell on

We also believe composers should retain the copyright of their works that they publish on Our composers may choose to switch to another publisher at any time without penalty.

Better for Customers

We believe our customers should be able to print as many copies as they have members in their group when purchasing a composition with multiple parts. Because they are artists too, we trust them to fairly compensate our composers and arrangers with another purchase should they require sheet music for a second group of musicians.

We also believe our customers deserve instant gratification and outstanding customer service. We provide customers high-quality PDF versions of our sheet music that prints clearly or may be loaded on an iPad or tablet.

Contact Us

If you are a talented composer or arranger, you think our method of selling sheet music matches your expectations, and would like for us to consider publishing your sheet music on — we’d like to hear from you. Please reach out to us via our Contact page. Be sure to introduce yourself, describe your work, and let us know how we may best contact you to begin the conversation. Thanks for thinking of us.