Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is ScoreVivo? Are you a sheet music publisher?

ScoreVivo is a sheet music publisher — with some significant differences.

For example, our clients earn 40 percent for each sale, they retain full copyright ownership of their work, and they may choose another publisher at any time for any reason.

You write awesome sheet music, we publish your music online for customers to easily download and print. Together, we create a better sheet music publishing experience.

What about copyright?

ScoreVivo does not want to own the copyright of your work.

We believe that you should retain full ownership of the music that you composed or arranged. We just want to help you sell it. We think that if we offer you a great rate and treat you well, you’ll choose to stick with us.

We’re adamant about helping you draw attention to your work while keeping it your work.

Can I use ScoreVivo with my current publisher?

Unlikely, but we’d be okay with the idea if you could. We think you should have the right to publish your music however you want. But most publishers obtain ownership of your work before agreeing to publish (what is formerly known as) your work.

Not us. You may publish your work on ScoreVivo and with another publisher, so long as you have the right to do so.

How does ScoreVivo make money?

By making our clients and customers happier, of course. Our clients make 40 percent and we make 60 percent, which we use to cover the bills and earn just enough to make it all worthwhile.

A two-person operation, we do nearly all of the work ourselves. ScoreVivo is also a rewarding side project that isn’t our primary source of income for either of us.

Who is behind ScoreVivo?

ScoreVivo is a family operation built by Ann Cameron Pearce (the musician) and her son Jason Pearce (the techie).

Using ScoreVivo

What do you provide?

We sell hand-picked sheet music that you’ll be able to download and print minutes after purchase. All sheet music is in a PDF format, that you may open and print from your computer or copy to your iPad if you prefer. Some pieces even include piano accompaniment in the MP3 format.

Does ScoreVivo offer an option to mail me pre-printed sheet music?

Sorry, we do not. Downloadable sheet music is our forte.

How does the checkout process work?

Add one or more pieces to your cart. At checkout, you provide us your name and email address. We then pass your contact information and the amount in your cart over the Paypal to securely handle payment.

You provide Paypal your credit card information, they authorize and deposit funds in our account, and then Paypal sends you back to our site to download your purchases.

We also automatically send you an email from an email address with links to download your purchase. You then download and print your new sheet music from your computer.

What if I can’t find your email with the download links?

First, check your Spam or Junk Email folders for I might have ended up there. If you still can’t find it or think you never got it, please use our Contact page to let us know what you ordered and when. One of us will follow up with you in a day. Don’t worry, while things sometimes do go wrong, we’ll make sure you’ll receive your sheet music.

How many copies may I make?

You may make one copy for each musician in your group. If you group as five musicians and the score has five parts, you need to make only one purchase before printing copies for all five musicians. But if you are an overachiever and play in five different groups, you should make five purchases.

Will digital rights management limitations get in my way?

No. We trust you. Most of our composers and arrangers are performing musicians much like you. Simply respect their work as you’d like for your audience to respect your performance and all will be well.

Security and Privacy

What is your security policy?

We use PayPal to securely handle all payment transactions. We never even receive your credit card number or billing information.

You provide Paypal payment information at checkout, Paypal process the transaction, and then Paypal tells us it’s okay for us to send links to download your sheet music.

How do you handle my personal information?

ScoreVivo and our partners will never sell, rent, or loan any personal information that you provide to us.

Anything Else?

Why haven’t you answered X?

If there is anything you’d like answered, or if you just want to share your feedback, feel free to shoot us an email via our Contact form.