ScoreVivo Publishing Agreement

ScoreVivo strives to provide artists a fair, transparent, and profitable means of selling their music to customers while earning enough profit to make our efforts worthwhile. We avoid lengthy contracts and complex terms by simply treating our artists with kindness and respect.


As a composer or arranger, you agree to these basic terms for each and every product that you sell on

  1. You fully own the copyright of the music you submit and have the right to sell it on
  2. You are able to provide ScoreVivo with high-resolution PDF files of your sheet music. (We can refer you to freelancers who have appropriate software and experience to produce crisp digital transcriptions.)
  3. You are encouraged, but not required, to provide an audio recording of your music so customers may listen to your work online prior to purchase.
  4. You appreciate freedom and flexibility, understanding that:
    • You are not required to sell your music exclusively on ScoreVivo.
    • You may ask ScoreVivo to discontinue publishing your work.
    • You may switch to another publisher or website.
  5. You will earn 40 (forty) percent of the selling price of your work, payable to you no less than four times per year.
  6. If required by your jurisdiction, you have the responsibility to report your ScoreVivo earnings as part of your individual taxable income.


As your publisher, we have the following basic rights, expectations, and responsibilities.

  1. ScoreVivo determines the products offered on our website and maintains the right to accept or reject any work submitted.
  2. ScoreVivo determines the selling price of all products and may offer promotional discounts or sales.
  3. ScoreVivo may discontinue listing any product at any time.
  4. ScoreVivo is not liable for copyright infringement for submitted works, will operate in a lawful manner, and will work with authorities in identifying anyone who misrepresents copyright ownership.
  5. ScoreVivo earns 60 (sixty) percent of the selling price of all listed sheet music, less the expenses that are required to run an online publishing business.
  6. ScoreVivo’s owners are based in the United States and will report their earnings as part of their individual taxable income.

Updated: August 9, 2012