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Revised How Brightly shines the Morning Star

Ann Cameron Pearce reworked “How Brightly shines the Morning Star” to be more accessible to more handbell choirs. The basic requirement is for 3 octaves of handbells and 3 octaves of choir chimes. These are rung by one choir … in alternating fashion. One of them, more likely the chimes, could be played on piano […]

Twinkle Star Variations by Ann Cameron Pearce

Back in 1980, I was busy encouraging my students to have fun with recitals. I gave this trio to three beginners. Then three of my advanced students tackled the variations. It won over all the Moms and Dads! Now I hope others will join in the fun! Visit our store to purchase and download “Twinkle […]

Mountaintop Echo by Ann Cameron Pearce

Given the opportunity to present a concert in a new performance venue that was part of a neighboring city’s community college, the Raleigh Flute Choir wanted a significant opening number that would prompt our audience to be impressed by our versatility. This number did the trick and got us off to a great start exploring […]