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Joyous Processionals by Ann Cameron Pearce

I am always eager to begin worship services with exuberance. Our ringers are proud to memorize 6 measures of music and approach the chancel area from different aisles of our sanctuary and our congregation appreciates “surround sound” ringing. Here are three creative opportunities! You’ll find “Joyous Processionals” in our store.

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O Come, O Come, Emmanuel

I am always looking for memorable introits for my ringers. Over the years, they are used to my placing them in different locations around the sanctuary, thus providing the worshipers with “surround sound.”

My plan for this piece is to station the singing bells in the back and the chimes over to the side. (This can be done with 5 ringers total.) Then 8 ringers can handle the handbell chordal sections at the tables up in the front of the sanctuary.

My hope is that everyone who purchases this piece will be creative about performing it in multiple settings. I would love to hear back from you!