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Wedding Day at Trolhaugen by Cynthia Isenhower

When my musician daughter was planning the music for her wedding, she was quite firm that there would be no “traditional” wedding music and that music from the romantic period was her favorite. She really wanted her recessional to be “Wedding Day at Trolhaugen” because it was her favorite piece.

When she was 5, she had a game system that had as one of its games, a program where children could write their own music using various sounds. The example in this game was “Wedding Day at Trolhaugen”.

Since she was having one of my flute ensembles play for her wedding, she asked if I would arrange a version for flutes. With all the other wedding planning, I told her that I wouldn’t have time to work on that. Secretly, I finished it 3 weeks before the wedding.

To keep the surprise from Jillian, I had the group play an alternate recessional at the wedding rehearsal. So the first time she heard this arrangement was after she was married and getting ready to walk back down the aisle.

The look on her face was priceless. This is the happiest piece of music!

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