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Hinze’s Thunder and Lightning

“In my home region of Cologne/Bonn in West Germany, the Carnival season starts November 11th and ends in March on Ash Wednesday. This is a really long time to be happy! This polka reminds me a lot of the days of my childhood.” — Gudrun Hinze You’ll find Gudrun Hinze’s arrangement of “Thunder and Lightning” […]

Revised How Brightly shines the Morning Star

Ann Cameron Pearce reworked “How Brightly shines the Morning Star” to be more accessible to more handbell choirs. The basic requirement is for 3 octaves of handbells and 3 octaves of choir chimes. These are rung by one choir … in alternating fashion. One of them, more likely the chimes, could be played on piano […]

Rustic Dance

My sometimes quirky sense of humor led me toward this arrangement.  Also intent upon making flute choir music that is fun to play as well as hear, I’ve passed the melody between all five parts throughout.  I can just imagine lots of choirs in scholastic and civic settings pulling this piece out again and again.  […]


My collection of piano music from high school days includes this Mendelssohn composition that my piano teacher presented to me as a “filler” on my senior recital. In other words, it lacked the depth that some of my other, more complex and lengthy pieces had. What a perfect flute choir encore piece: pure frivolity! The […]

Florentiner March

Remembering how much fun I had playing rousing marches in high school concert band, I was inspired to search out one that would adapt well to flute choir. Fucik came to mind, partially because of his popular circus clown theme, Entrance of the Gladiators. (more…)