Suite in A minor, TWV 55:a2 for flute octet


Georg Philipp Telemann‘s approximately 125 surviving overture-suites form the most important corpus of such works by a single composer, for both their quality and quantity. Although many of them are not precisely datable, Telemann appears to have written them starting during his Leipzig years (early 1700’s) through the 1730’s, and finally returning to the genre briefly in the 1760’s. His was a remarkable rate of production. The earliest ones owe much to late 17th century style German works such as Jean-Baptiste Lully, while later examples reveal the influence of the Vivaldian concerto. Telemann’s best known example of the era is his Suite in A minor for flute (or recorder) and strings. This arrangement for eight flutists is a perfect opportunity for flute ensembles around the world to enjoy featuring its members rotating the soloist’s role throughout the suite.


1. Ouverture

2. Les Plaisirs

3. Air a l`Italien

4. Menuet I – II

5. Rejouissance

6. Passepied I – II

7. Polonaise