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Hinze receives National Flute Association 2014 Honorable Mention

Thunder and Lightning (Unter Donner und Blitz) for flute ensembleOur Gudrun Hinze‘s flute arrangement of “Thunder and Lightning (Unter Donner und Blitz)” by Johan Strauss earned an honorable mention at the 2014 National Flute Association’s Newly Published Music Competition.

This honorable recognition comes as no surprise to us. Gudrun Hinze’s sheet music arrangements for flute are consistently among our most frequently purchased products. Scores “Aria sopra la Bergamasca,” “Voices of Venezuela I,” and “Ah vous dirai-je, Maman” are also among her most popular arrangements.

We are quite proud of Gudrun and are thrilled to be featuring “Thunder and Lightning (Unter Donner und Blitz)” and the rest of her work on ScoreVivo.

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The Thriller, Whirlwind, Spinning Song, and Pizzicati

Inspirations for my recent arrangements for flutes have come from several different directions. Aufderheide’s “The Thriller” was featured on a program of ragtime piano compositions. I immediately put it on my list of pieces to arrange for flute choir and am glad to feature it as being composed by a woman.

Liszt’s “Whirlwind” caught my attention as a piece that could highlight 2 piccolos, 2 C flutes, and 2 alto flutes. The fast tempo makes it a particularly challenging ensemble selection.

I rediscovered “Spinning Song” and “Pizzicati” in a collection of piano compositions that I studied as a child. Both are steaming with personality and offer intriguing interplay between the flutists.

I’m glad to offer more varying styles of energetic music for flute teachers to use with their students of all levels of ability.

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Hinze’s Thunder and Lightning

“In my home region of Cologne/Bonn in West Germany, the Carnival season starts November 11th and ends in March on Ash Wednesday. This is a really long time to be happy! This polka reminds me a lot of the days of my childhood.” — Gudrun Hinze

You’ll find Gudrun Hinze’s arrangement of “Thunder and Lightning” in our store.

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About Sing a New Song

Over the years I’ve come to realize that choral music often translates really well to flute choir, this being a prime example. I especially have grown fond of the madrigal genre. Comparatively speaking there is not much in the repertoire, so it certainly provides a nice contrast on programs.

Visit our store to find “Sing a New Song” by Ann Cameron Pearce.

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Wedding Day at Trolhaugen by Cynthia Isenhower

When my musician daughter was planning the music for her wedding, she was quite firm that there would be no “traditional” wedding music and that music from the romantic period was her favorite. She really wanted her recessional to be “Wedding Day at Trolhaugen” because it was her favorite piece.

When she was 5, she had a game system that had as one of its games, a program where children could write their own music using various sounds. The example in this game was “Wedding Day at Trolhaugen”.

Since she was having one of my flute ensembles play for her wedding, she asked if I would arrange a version for flutes. With all the other wedding planning, I told her that I wouldn’t have time to work on that. Secretly, I finished it 3 weeks before the wedding.

To keep the surprise from Jillian, I had the group play an alternate recessional at the wedding rehearsal. So the first time she heard this arrangement was after she was married and getting ready to walk back down the aisle.

The look on her face was priceless. This is the happiest piece of music!

You may find Cynthia’s “Wedding Day at Trolhaugen” in our online store.