Popcorn Polka

Numerous times since composing “Serendipity” (2003) and “Kaleidoscope” (2006), my two other compositions with the same unusual and humorous instrumentation, I had been approached by flutists at national conventions to write another similar piece. Surprisingly enough, boomwhackers and headjoints along with two C flutes seems to be a winning combination! (more…)

Three-Part Invention #1

My piano background is clearly showing through again as I explore this flute trio version of one of Bach’s standards … a Three-Part Invention #1. Those of us with mathematical minds fully appreciate Bach’s genius as he explored contrapuntal compositions. (more…)

There’s a Song in the Air

“Jesu” is such an amazing Bach favorite; I searched out a Christmas hymn that might merge effectively with it. Trial and error finally led me to “There’s a Song in the Air.” I endeavored to give both beautiful melodies equal importance as they intertwine throughout the piece. (more…)

Grieg’s Lyric Pieces

I actually worked on these arrangements back in 2004 when I submitted three other selections from this famous collection of Grieg’s. These three, Waltz, Nocturne, and Puck just seem to me to make a nice little trilogy as they are quite diverse and therefore provide complementary themes for flute choir programs. I enjoy the self-descriptive […]