David Warin Solomons’ biography

David Warin Solomons headshot

Born in Oxford in 1953, David Warin Solomons was brought up in a household that encouraged cultural exploration of many kinds, and gained great interest in language and music. For the main part of his life, the linguistic side took priority and he became a translator in a government department.

Once he had saved enough to live on, he decided to switch his priorities to musical composition. So far, he has composed over 2,000 works for various combinations of voices and instruments, many of which have been performed thanks in part to the North West Composers’ Association and also to communications provided by the Internet.

His vocal performance experiences are rich: ten years in St. Michael’s Cornhill in London and fifteen years in the Cathedral in Manchester. Currently he resides in the peaceful town of Loughborough, sings in the parish church, and composes for carillon, flute, guitar, clarinet, violin, vocal and others with performances of his music throughout the world.

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