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Ann Cameron Pearce featured in “Fluit”

I’m very excited to be featured in an article in “Fluit” a publication of the Nederlands Fluit Genootschap (Dutch Flute Society).

This is a very well done 68-page glossy magazine just full of “flutistic” articles and photos. Evidently, there are four issues each year. The issue that appeared in my mailbox a couple of days ago is “2011-4.”

Fransje de Visser wrote the article as a description of the National Flute Association Convention that was held in Charlotte in August 2011. About one-half of her article is about me and my work as a composer/arranger and she includes four photos: one of the Raleigh Area Flute Association as we performed “Popcorn Polka” (with boomwhackers in full evidence!), and another that is my Facebook photo.

Prior to August, Fransje and I had been emailing each other; we made a point to meet each other at the convention. Someday I hope to find someone to translate all of this article’s text as written by my new friend from across the pond!