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Artist Marc Adler

ScoreVivo is pleased to welcome the works of flutist and composer Marc Adler.

About Marc Adler

Marc’s primary musical focus is in the area of jazz improvisation and composition. He has received Jazz Performance Fellowships from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts. He holds a Bachelors degree in Music and Music Education from the University of the Arts, a Masters in Music degree from Temple University, and studied privately with the late Harold Bennett and with Pamela Guidetti.

Marc has written numerous duets featured in Flute Talk Magazine and his popular book of Jazz Flute Etudes is available from Hal Leonard Publications. You may learn more about Marc by visiting his website at, where you can listen to selections from his recordings and where there are free educational downloads.

About Jazz Duets for the Flute

Artist Marc Adler | ScoreVivoJazz Duets for the Flute – Advanced Studies in Jazz Improvisation Inspired Composition” is a compilation of 10 flute duets. This is an eclectic collection of challenging and fun Jazz-inspired duets for the adventurous flutist who would like a diversion from the more established repertoire of duets available. The addition of chord changes allows for the opportunity of performance with a jazz rhythm section as an option.

Duet 1: A roller coaster ride of unexpected Coltrane inspired chord changes! You’ll have fun with this challenging duet in a solid 4/4 meter – peppered with be-bop style melodic lines. Take it at a medium swing – animated but not too fast.

Duet 2: This Latin tinged duet in cut-time features challenging syncopated rhythms, independent lines, double-tonguing and extended triplet figures.

Duet 3: This duet is solidly in 4 and should swing hard! Watch out for the numerous dynamic changes!

Duet 4: It’s up to you to decide when to switch to a swing-groove from the otherwise Latin-groove implied in the opening measures of this cut-time duet.

Duet 5: You can really fly in this 6/8 duet entirely based on a single chord. Featuring free use of chromatics and the minor pentatonic scale.

Duet 6: A quirky harmony sets this duet apart! Unexpected melodic twists and turns in a fast paced setting with duple and triple rhythmic groupings add to the excitement in this 6/8 meter etude.

Duet 7: This Blues swings hard in a solid 4/4 from the very first note! With plenty of hip lines and challenging rhythms it is sure to satisfy!

Duet 8: Forget about chord changes in this freely composed chromatic duet in 6/8 meter! Based loosely on the open-sounding interval of a 4th it takes you through some quite unexpected musical terrain.

Duet 9: This etude weaves seamlessly through both 4/4 and 3/4 meters! Keep the quarter note constant and enjoy the journey through rich harmonies and unusual chord progressions.

Duet 10: A real burner! This up-tempo cut-time etude swings hard with plenty of challenges – not for the faint-hearted! Well worth the effort, though!

We hope you will enjoy Marc Adler’s “Jazz Duets for the Flute,” which you may purchase and download from our online store.