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The Thriller, Whirlwind, Spinning Song, and Pizzicati

Inspirations for my recent arrangements for flutes have come from several different directions. Aufderheide’s “The Thriller” was featured on a program of ragtime piano compositions. I immediately put it on my list of pieces to arrange for flute choir and am glad to feature it as being composed by a woman.

Liszt’s “Whirlwind” caught my attention as a piece that could highlight 2 piccolos, 2 C flutes, and 2 alto flutes. The fast tempo makes it a particularly challenging ensemble selection.

I rediscovered “Spinning Song” and “Pizzicati” in a collection of piano compositions that I studied as a child. Both are steaming with personality and offer intriguing interplay between the flutists.

I’m glad to offer more varying styles of energetic music for flute teachers to use with their students of all levels of ability.