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Introducing Smith, Ott, and Hinze

We are excited to include three new composers/arrangers on ScoreVivo this month. One is a long time friend, one is a new colleague, and the third we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting in person.

Brent Smith

Brent Smith, has a delightful arrangement of Milhaud’s “Ox on the Roof” (La Boeuf sur le Toit) for clarinet quartet. Brazilian dance tunes like the tango, samba, and choro are featured in this lively character piece. This is ScoreVivo’s first clarinet quartet piece and we look forward to more of Brent’s fine work in the near future. ClarolinaClarinet has premiered many of them in recent years. Brent and Ann met a few years ago in junior high school band.

Hal Ott

Benediction (The Lord Bless You and Keep You), arranged by Hal Ott, was premiered at the National Flute Association Convention’s opening flute orchestra concert in Las Vegas just this past August. It was an immediate hit and many fans have been eager to have this piece available to purchase and then play in their local groups. Hal and Ann met there in Las Vegas, as Hal was conducting the flute orchestra and Ann was playing alto flute.

Gudrun Hinze

Gudrun Hinze is a well-known piccolo specialist who teaches at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Munich. Our mutual colleague, Trevor Wye, suggested that she apply to have some of her arrangements included on ScoreVivo. The rest, as they say, is history. Her first three pieces are wonderful additions to our flute ensemble repertoire and were premiered by an accomplished flute quintet for which she is a founding member, Quintessenz. She and Ann and Jason are rapidly becoming acquainted via the internet and look forward to a long association through her music.