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Compositions for flute.

Introducing D. Ward Francis

We are very pleased to introduce D. Ward Francis as our newest client. He is a composition student at Appalachian State University who is primarily a pianist but who has found new inspirations as an active member of ASU’s Steely Pan Steel Band. You will find that his works are “sound worlds that blur the […]

Blue Midnight by Nathan Shirley

We are excited to have published Blue Midnight, the first flute choir composition by an outstanding young composer, Nathan Shirley. This piece evokes dreamlike imaginations of mysterious night happenings via sonorities that suit the flute choir perfectly. It was commissioned by Ann Cameron Pearce for the Raleigh Flute Choir, who had the joy of performing […]

Joyous Processionals by Ann Cameron Pearce

I am always eager to begin worship services with exuberance. Our ringers are proud to memorize 6 measures of music and approach the chancel area from different aisles of our sanctuary and our congregation appreciates “surround sound” ringing. Here are three creative opportunities! You’ll find “Joyous Processionals” in our store.