Hinze receives National Flute Association 2014 Honorable Mention

Our Gudrun Hinze‘s flute arrangement of “Thunder and Lightning (Unter Donner und Blitz)” by Johan Strauss earned an honorable mention at the 2014 National Flute Association’s Newly Published Music Competition. This honorable recognition comes as no surprise to us. Gudrun Hinze’s sheet music arrangements for flute are consistently among our most frequently purchased products. Scores […]

Introducing D. Ward Francis

We are very pleased to introduce D. Ward Francis as our newest client. He is a composition student at Appalachian State University who is primarily a pianist but who has found new inspirations as an active member of ASU’s Steely Pan Steel Band. You will find that his works are “sound worlds that blur the […]

The Thriller, Whirlwind, Spinning Song, and Pizzicati

Inspirations for my recent arrangements for flutes have come from several different directions. Aufderheide’s “The Thriller” was featured on a program of ragtime piano compositions. I immediately put it on my list of pieces to arrange for flute choir and am glad to feature it as being composed by a woman. Liszt’s “Whirlwind” caught my […]

Ke Danza for flute ensemble

These are two delightfully lively pieces of popular Venezuelan Folk music. Performers not familiar with the style would be enlightened by listening to some you-tube clips before playing, just to find out about proper interpretation. Both pieces are rather challenging for the first flutist, for the melody must be played rhythmically strict although it sounds […]