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The Thriller, Whirlwind, Spinning Song, and Pizzicati

Inspirations for my recent arrangements for flutes have come from several different directions. Aufderheide’s “The Thriller” was featured on a program of ragtime piano compositions. I immediately put it on my list of pieces to arrange for flute choir and am glad to feature it as being composed by a woman.

Liszt’s “Whirlwind” caught my attention as a piece that could highlight 2 piccolos, 2 C flutes, and 2 alto flutes. The fast tempo makes it a particularly challenging ensemble selection.

I rediscovered “Spinning Song” and “Pizzicati” in a collection of piano compositions that I studied as a child. Both are steaming with personality and offer intriguing interplay between the flutists.

I’m glad to offer more varying styles of energetic music for flute teachers to use with their students of all levels of ability.

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Blue Midnight by Nathan Shirley

We are excited to have published Blue Midnight, the first flute choir composition by an outstanding young composer, Nathan Shirley.

This piece evokes dreamlike imaginations of mysterious night happenings via sonorities that suit the flute choir perfectly. It was commissioned by Ann Cameron Pearce for the Raleigh Flute Choir, who had the joy of performing its world premier in October. Who is going to be the second choir to perform this new addition to the flute choir repertoire?

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About Sing a New Song

Over the years I’ve come to realize that choral music often translates really well to flute choir, this being a prime example. I especially have grown fond of the madrigal genre. Comparatively speaking there is not much in the repertoire, so it certainly provides a nice contrast on programs.

Visit our store to find “Sing a New Song” by Ann Cameron Pearce.

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10 ScoreVivo pieces featured at the NFA convention

The 41st National Flute Association Annual Convention begins tomorrow, August 8, 2013, in New Orleans. We are on site and learned that 10 of our arrangements and compositions for flute are being recognized or performed.

To celebrate, we’ve placed all 10 items on sale for a limited time.

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Three ScoreVivo pieces featured at National Flute Association convention

Update: We’re at the conference and 10 pieces are featured.

At least three ScoreVivo pieces will receive nice exposure at the upcoming National Flute Association Annual Convention in New Orleans Thursday through Sunday, August 8 through 11.

Wye’s “Marche des Gibaros”

Trevor Wye‘s arrangement if Gottschalk’s “Marche des Gibaros” for flute choir will be performed by the NFA Jambalayan Flute Orchestra. As is the tradition, this ensemble of more than 150 flutists of all ages will open the convention at 8:45 am on August 8. This year’s director will be Dr. Angelita Floyd. I look forward to playing my alto flute in this group on this particular occasion.

Pearce’s “Gypsy Rondo”

My arrangement of Haydn’s “Gypsy Rondo” for flute choir will be displayed throughout the Convention in the Exhibit Hall as a Finalist in the NFA’s annual Newly Published Music Competition. This is my 18th composition or arrangement to be recognized by the NFA in this competition, the first being in the year 2000.

Pearce’s “Bayou Chinchuba”

My original composition, “Bayou Chinchuba” for two concert flutes, two flute headjoints, and 8 boomwhackers will enjoy its world premier at 11:45 am on Thursday, August 8. It has been dedicated to and will be performed by the Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra Flute Choir under the baton of Dr. Priscilla Holt.