Super Flumina by Ann Cameron Pearce

As any parent of musical children knows, it is always a thrill to be in the audience when one’s child is performing on stage. Such was my role in November of 1989 when we attended the 13th annual North Carolina Music Educators Association’s High School Honors Chorus concert.

While going through some of the programs I’ve saved over the years from our sons’ many singing expeditions, I came across this piece from the above noted event. I would never have predicted in a thousand years that someday I’d arrange this beautiful example of Italian Renaissance music for flute quartet.

The significance of this is that my son, Jason, was a tenor in the above mentioned chorus. Now, almost 24 years later, he and I are partners in, this creative and rewarding internet music business.

I have dedicated this piece to his chorus teacher at Athens Drive High School here in Raleigh, Ellen Kaehler. Thank you again, Ellen, for the superb work you did with those teenagers and the significant part you played in the musical education and appreciation of both our sons!