Al Hager recognized by World Health Day

Al Hager recently received a huge honor in recognition of World Health Day 2012!

The staff of the Jeffrey Gorodetsky Medical Practice honored him as a true example of healthy aging. In the spirit of “adding life to years” instead of simply adding years to life they cited his participation in competitive barefoot water skiing as an amazing feat (or maybe “feet”).

Al is quoted as saying he strives to “outlive his competitors” via his motto: Everybody has to grow older, but growing up is optional.

Al credits his many years of playing woodwind instruments as providing him with the endurance required in this very physical sport. Of course, eating well and exercising obviously play a vital role in Al’s healthy aging too.

Dr. Gorodetsky has been impressed with Al’s philosophy and has enjoyed learning from him and observing his positive spirit. ScoreVivo is pleased to have Al Hager as one our featured composers and arrangers.