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Artist Trevor Wye

We are pleased to welcome our third composer and arranger to ScoreVivo, Trevor Wye. His arrangement “24 Little Melodious Studies” amongt the finest flute studies ever written for discovering the basics of musical phrasing and understanding.

Trevor Wye

Trevor Wye is a professional flutist, flute instructor, and author of several books about technical aspects of flute playing.

Wye studied the flute privately both with Geoffrey Gilbert and Marcel Moyse. He was a freelance orchestral and chamber music player on the London scene for many years and has made several solo recordings, notably on his flute d’amour.

He was formerly a professor at the Guildhall School of Music, London and for 21 years at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

Wye is the author the famous “Practice Books” for the flute, which have received world wide acclaim and have been translated into eleven other languages. More recently, his highly praised biography of Marcel Moyse was published in English and in four other languages.

Founder of the British Flute Society, he was also founder and director of International Summer School, from 1969-1988, the biggest flute summer camp in the world. He is currently working on a flute encyclopaedia called The Flute Ark.

In 1990 he was made an honorary Fellow of the Royal Northern College of Music and in 2011, was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the National Flute Association.