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Downloadable sheet music for flute

I developed for my mom Ann Cameron Pearce, who plays both handbells and flute, but spends much of her time creating new arrangements of songs for flute.

Mom has written more than 70 arrangements for flute, many of which have received recognition from the National Flute Association, among others.

Most of her music was published in print via two notable sheet music publishers in her field. When one of them decided to cease operations, I approached her with the idea of becoming her own publisher by selling her sheet music as electronic downloads from the web.

The idea was compelling. She would benefit by retaining the copyright of her musical arrangements and a much larger profit while her customers and fans would benefit from lower costs and the ability to instantly download the sheet music they just purchased.

Ten arrangements for flute at time of launch

With this idea, was born. On the day of launch, mom had eight arrangements for flute and one original composition for sale.

Downloadable sheet music

Everything on is sold as electronic sheet music in a .PDF format that customers may purchase, download, print, and begin playing in just minutes. We hope that our customers will welcome this new means of selling and distributing sheet music. We license our music so that a single purchase may be printed for all musicians in a group, meaning our customers may print as many copies of their purchase as they need for their musical group.

Publishing sheet music from other artists

When we created, we designed it so that we could consider the option of selling electronic sheet music from other artists and instruments. We are also entertaining a much more favorable agreement for artists who might choose to sell their compositions via

  • Artists will retain full copyright of their compositions and may switch publishers at any time without penalty
  • Artists will earn approximately 2/3 from each sale

Because our costs are low (nothing to print, nothing to mail), would be able to better reward the artists who choose to sell their sheet music via our website in an electronic downloadable format.

I’d like to know what you think of this idea. If you are an artist, would you find this arrangement appealing? If we do decide to sell music from other artists, what else could we do to make the process more attractive to either the artist or our customers?

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