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Popcorn Polka

Numerous times since composing “Serendipity” (2003) and “Kaleidoscope” (2006), my two other compositions with the same unusual and humorous instrumentation, I had been approached by flutists at national conventions to write another similar piece. Surprisingly enough, boomwhackers and headjoints along with two C flutes seems to be a winning combination!

So, following the 3-year plan already established, I composed this fun little number that mimics the sounds of popping corn in the style of an energetic polka. The inspiration came from one of my Raleigh Flute Choir colleagues who commented during a rehearsal that boomwhackers reminded her of popcorn. As I considered various styles to pursue, my fondness for alliteration led me to write a polka. Voila!

The Raleigh Area Flute Association YouTube choir (professionals and advanced amateurs) will be performing this piece at the National Flute Association annual convention in Charlotte, NC on August 11, 2011.

Purchase and download the sheet music of “Popcorn Polka” via our store.