Grieg’s Lyric Pieces

I actually worked on these arrangements back in 2004 when I submitted three other selections from this famous collection of Grieg’s. These three, Waltz, Nocturne, and Puck just seem to me to make a nice little trilogy as they are quite diverse and therefore provide complementary themes for flute choir programs. I enjoy the self-descriptive nature of such pieces: even with only a single word title, it is clear what they are about.

Ever since my 1999 tour of Grieg’s tiny wooden cabin at the edge of a fjord, away from the urban distractions of Bergen and Onslow, I have been especially intrigued by his work and was inspired to bring some of his amazing music to the flute choir repertoire. I also like the fact that these pieces are derived directly from Norwegian folk music, Grieg’s way of providing a legacy that enhances Norway’s musical identity.

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